September 20, 2009

Performing Arts in the streets of my hometown

For the 17th time the Festival of Performing Arts was held in the streets of my hometown on September 19. The weather was perfect on this late summer saterday for watching the show and taking pictures (click on the photographs for a bigger version):

Les Goulus (France): French "horsemen"

Les Goulus (France) 0079
Les Goulus (France) 0087
Les Goulus (France) 0088
Les Goulus (France) 0085
Les Goulus (France) 0090

Radio Barkas (Netherlands) : The smallest mobile radio station in the Netherlands

Radio Barkas (Netherlands) 0093
Radio Barkas (Netherlands) 0094

Mathilda & George (Germany): A strange couple

Ulik & Le Snob (Germany): Nine musicians playing music from Michael Nyman and Philip Glass, on self-made instruments while gliding a ballet in strange long dresses:

Ulrik & Le Snob 0117
Ulrik & Le Snob 0116
Ulrik & Le Snob 0118
Ulrik & Le Snob 0112
Ulrik & Le Snob 0106
Ulrik & Le Snob 0107

A video try-out with the new A590 camera:

I hope you enjoyed the pictures and the video as much as I did watching the show.
Thank you for your visit to this blog.


  1. Love the horseman. What a great festival to have in your town

    Love and hugs Gina xxx

  2. Loved the addition of your video....felt like I was there!! It just shows....we can be creative in soo many levels......I could see some ideas for quilts in there!!!!!
    ;o) Wendy B

  3. This looks like it was a great festival. I loved the French horsemen and how on earth did the musicians do that. I am so glad you included the video, it really brought it yo life.


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