September 16, 2009

A new camera!

It is so nice to have a digital camera, and now I finally have one, again!
My first one, the Canon Powershot A70, showed strange purple stripes or nothing at all in the LCD. It couldnot be fixed anymore, so I was forced to look for a new one. I was content with the A70 until now and it would be nice if the seperate bought teleconverter and close-up lens and filters would also fit on the new camera.

Considering the time I had the A70 it was not likely that I would find a camera where the lenses would fit on, and I asked and got some good tips from other quilters about their camera.
Luckily my birthday gifts from last Sunday, gave me the opportunity to buy one faster as I had planned.

After some research by reading reviews I found one and being a bargain with a two years guarantee I have chosen again for a Canon, the Powershot A590 IS

Here are a few of my first pictures with the A590:


shooting mode macro, manual focused


shooting mode portrait, manual focused

As you can see there are a lot of details and when you click on the pictures for a larger version, you can even see more.
My A70 had already a few of the features that my new camera has, although less sophisticated.
The A590 is a nice follow-up to enhance my skills as a hobby photographer.
The nicest thing of this camera is that I also still can use my seperate lenses and filters!
I like these kind of cameras very much, because they have shooting modes that include auto, manual and everything in between. They are reliable and easy to use for making point & shoot photographs.
When ever I feel the need I can go creative by playing with manual focussing, lightning and exposure time, without investing in a more professional and certainly expensive camera.
The possibilities are almost endless when combining creative photography and quilting.

Thank you for joining me today!


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  1. Excellent photos Genie. Looks like you have made a good choice. I have an older Powershot A30 which unfortunately is still working so I feel that I cannot justify an upgrade yet.I will bear this in mind though, just in case.

  2. Thank you, Maggi!
    Your A30 is a golden oldy.
    Like the A70, it uses 4 AA batteries and CF as storage, while the A590 uses 2 AA batteries and SD as storage.
    I think it is a pity I cannot use the CF memory cards anymore, but luckily the SD cards are not as expensive as the CF's.

  3. The Canon a590 seems to take some really nice shots. Can you take a long exposure with it? If you can, you take some really interesting shots of water, fire, and other night stuff. You might need a tripod if you don't have one already. If your interested, Cameta
    had a bunch of good accessories including tripods on sale the other day. Maybe some of them are still on sale.

  4. Mike, thanks for the tip!
    It is a nice challenge to try longer exposure times.
    Aperture Value ranges from 2.6 to 8.0
    Shutter speed ranges from 15" to 1/2000.
    It is also possible to use a preprogrammed mode for night scenes and capturing fireworks, to compensate exposure, or use the image stabilizer (IS) function.

  5. Canon Powershot A70 is a wonderful camera!! I like those beautiful pictures!!


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