December 10, 2010


It took some time since my last blog.
Sometimes life seems to stand in our way.
Despite or thanks to that I feel blessed to have chances and the freedom in making choices.

To participate in new challenges is one of my intentions for 2011. Maybe you like them now to know, because you have similar interests:

The Bead Journal Project
This project started in June 2007 by Robin Atkins. The rules for participating are limited, but you are commited to produce a beaded journal every month during one year.
You can find all the rules here.

The Sketchbook Challenge
Also a new project launching on 1/1/2011 is the Sketchbook Challenge. You can follow along with some famous artists while they fill their sketchbooks based on a monthly theme that will be announced on the first of each month. Get ready to sketch if you like how it works.

Thank you for your visit!


  1. Good luck with your challenges. I am thinking about the sketchbook but have not decided yet.

  2. Good luck with the challenges. I am very curious about the first results. The beads are very nice, I love that colorscheme.

  3. Thank you sharing these informations!
    I'm allready participant of the BJP2011 ~ there I found the link to your blog ~ but the sketchbook challange was news to me. I am very happy that this is an open challange, so the 2nd january is not too late to join ;o)
    Send you best wishes for a creative New Jear


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