November 19, 2010

Mixed Media: new studio techniques

What a nice surprise; I was one of the 4 lucky winners of this new book from D4Daisy Books!
Being an absolute newbie on mixed media but very eager to learn more about the topic, my first impressions of the book are positive. It is a real teaching aid and very well written by Isobel Hall and Maggie Grey with clear step-by-step photos made by Michael Wicks.

Isobel Hall is a teacher and textile designer who specializes in creating handmade paper to make embroidered bags. She teaches papermaking, bookmaking, and bag making. Isobel lives in Almeria, Spain.

Maggie Grey is a cutting-edge textile artist and editor of Workshop on the Web, an internet-based magazine. She founded D4Daisy Books in partnership with photographer Michael Wicks. Maggie lives in the south of England.

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  1. Congratulations on your win, it is a lovely book. I had great fun at a workshop with Isobel Hall last month, she is a very good teacher.


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