July 21, 2010

Nature 's colours: violet and plum

Joen Wolfrom already wrote about it in her book
"Color Play": "Nature is a wonderful color reference for creating quilt designs".

An extra dimension is added by the magic of dyeing your own fabrics as I discovered during the last weeks.

These are both flowers from the one and only Hydrangea in our garden. The Procion dye gradations are on scoured Kona bleached white cotton PFD:

Violet on half Fat Quarters,
made with Jacquard's Violet 231:
From Dyed Fabrics

Plum on Fat Quarters:
From Dyed Fabrics

I found the recipe for the colour Plum in the Mixing Chart at Jacquard's website.
Although the recipe describes a mixture of Jacquard's 040 Fuchsia and 072 Medium Blue, it might not be a problem if you use dyes from another supplier.
Paula Burch's Procion MX dye chart is a reference quide in finding the same colour from another supplier.

It all comes down to the MX code of the pure fiber reactive Procion dye: Jacquard's 040 Fuchsia, Dharma's #13 fuchsia red, Prochem's #308 fuchsia, STV's (Stof Tot Verven) Rose Toermalijn etc. are all names for the same Red MX-8B. And Jacquard's 072 Medium Blue, Dharma's #26 sky blue, etc. are all names for the same Blue MX-R. If the MX code is missing at your dye supplier's list, you can ask your supplier for it or experiment and have fun with another, look-a-like colour.

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  1. kfstitcherJuly 21, 2010

    Oh my goodness! BEAUTIFUL!!!! Karen

  2. WOW!! You really nailed those colors! Both the flowers and the fabrics are absolutely gorgeous!

  3. I can almost smell those flowers! The color made me remember my little bedroom probably fifty years ago when that was my favorite color. Nice memory!

  4. Your colours are just so accurate, beautiful.

  5. Lovely colors and great information!


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