April 30, 2010

Fast and funny fabric birthday card

For a friend's birthday I made a fabric card.
She was very happy with it and I thought it would be nice to share the way I made her (actually my first) card.

Take a nice picture and make it fitting for a postcard.
You can use a graphic program like Photoshop, Corel or Photoimpact etc. to change or crop the size of your digital picture.
You also can use a scanner to make a digital version of a picture or drawing. This one is for free from the HP's creative studios for Home or HP's Activity Center:

Print the picture on inktjet fabric.
You can cut excess fabric away, but leaving some fabric around the print assures easy handling during the next steps.
Fuse some fabric to the picture:

Put stabilizer on the back and stitch some fancy stitches with the sewing machine. Use a stabilizer that gives the postcard a permanent stiffness.

Layer it with batting and a backing fabric and quilt it.
Trim the outside edges to a postcard size.
Finish the edges with a satin stitch
Embellish with beads and your card is ready:

Hoping you enjoy making one yourself, I thank you for your visit!


  1. A lovely card Geni. It ius sure to be appreciated.

  2. What a great idea to print a photo onto cloth for a postcard! Yours looks awesome!


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