January 5, 2010

Puzzle - part 1 -

"Puzzle" is the first word for the 2010 Quilt Challenge of 3Creative Studios.
I searched for inspiration in the book Puzzle Quilts:

Puzzle Quilts: Simple Blocks, Complex Fabrics

In this book the author Paula Nadelstern teaches how to create stunning quilt blocks focusing on fabric selection, using pairs symmetry, mirroring, and seam blending.

Not yet truly inspired by the beautiful and intriguing but complex made examples in the book, I did what I do every morning to oil my brains: making the Sudoku puzzle in the local newspaper.
A brainwave followed: I could make a Sudoku puzzle quilt!
This SlideShare presentation shows how to make one:

I have decided to use not only plain fabric and that the colours must reflect the colours of winter.
Thank you for your visit!

More links with info:
  • 3Creative Studios quilt challenge: January/February theme "Puzzle"
  • Paula Nadelstern's website


  1. I'm sure you saw Paula on TQS - she makes it seem so easy. Thanks for the links

  2. the sudoku quilt idea is interesting. your quilt will be lovely with plain fabric and the colors of winter!


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