January 4, 2010

Fitting bodies

My contribution to week 1 (January 4-10) of the Creative Every Day challenge, January theme "Body":

From Sketches
materials used:
aquarel paper, drawing pencil, water colour pencils, pilot pencil.

It didnot become what I had in mind, because the pilot pencil bleeded on the paper when I added water to the aquarel pencil colours. I guess that is part of the learning curve, making a mistake like that!

about the Creative Every Day Challenge:


  1. It may not have been what you had in mind but I think it is charming!

  2. It is still very effective, even if it did go wrong for you.

  3. They look very drowsy, I love it.

    The sides are cut like a jigsaw puzzle, are you planning on making more?

  4. Why do these figures look like pregnant men to me. LOL! Very interesting. I love it.

  5. I like it a lot and I wouldnt have known any of it was a mistake.....it really drew my eye right in.....melinda


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