November 7, 2008

Like a fish ...

I found an interesting writing about feeling like a fish out of water:

"Whenever someone travels overseas they are like "a fish out of water." Like the fish, they have been swimming in their own culture all their lives. A fish doesn't think about what water it is in. Likewise, we often do not think too much about the culture we are raised in. Our culture helps to shape our identity. Many of the cues of interpersonal communication (body language, words, facial expressions, tone of voice, idioms, slang) are different in different cultures. One of the reasons that we feel like a fish out of water when we enter a new culture, is that we do not know all of the cues that are used in the new culture."

Have you ever felled like a fish out of water?
In Dutch however, there is the saying "Feeling like a fish in the water". And that is what my second Journal Quilt is about:

From Journal Quilts - theme "Emotions"
Thank you for reading this blog, I hope you enjoyed it! Smile

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