November 30, 2008

A Horse .....

Inspired by a poem from the Handbook of Chinese Horoscopes, written by Theodora Lau-The, I made the following journal quilt/fabric book.
According to the Chinese astrology I am, based on my year of birth, a Horse. I recognize myself in some of Theodora's Horse qualities. I love to go my own way in Quilt Country, sometimes running too fast and finding myself stumbling over my own feet! This "quilt journal" now has a triple function:
  • being a journal of recognized feelings
  • being the cover of my fabric book for current and future journal quilts
  • being a display for its content
The last two functions were born by surprise, while I was trying to find a way to use an old spiral bound report of my dear hubby Gert-Jan. The journal quilts inside have a back that I can slip over some pages of this old report, like little pillows. It is a bit strange, this description, but hopefully clear enough?
By now I think you are curious enough to take a look at the following pictures of the "book":
the front:
From Journal Quilts - theme "Emotions"
the back:
From Journal Quilts - theme "Emotions"
the open flap:
From Journal Quilts - theme "Emotions"
the poem:
From Journal Quilts - theme "Emotions"
as a display:
From Journal Quilts - theme "Emotions"

P.S. As a child I loved to watch "Mr. Ed":

Do you remember Mr. Ed?


  1. How clever and imaginative that is. :) The colours appeal to me very much. I remember Mr Ed too.

  2. Great book and I love the horse fabric. I loved Mr. Ed. I loved horses as a child (still do) and that was one of my favorite shows. I always wanted a horse just like Mr. Ed.


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