December 25, 2011

Christmas Day Menu

On Christmas Day I had to cook only for four, except for the dessert, a delicious ice-cream cake.
The menu consisted of:

Pâté brulée with toasted brioche >>

Saffron cream soup with crayfish >>

Filet de Porc coated with syrup >>
Red cabbage with Tutti Frutti >>
Stuffed potatoes >>
Harricots verts with Jamón serrano >>

Surprise Ice-cream Cake

Or in Dutch:

My friend, his parents and I have enjoyed all the courses.
Unfortunately, I was so busy serving that I forgot to take pictures of the dishes!
You can watch pictures and read the recepies (in Dutch) at the publishers site by clicking the >> behind the dish.
On Boxing Day I take care for another menu, this time for five people.
Hopefully I can manage to take pictures then.

Merry Christmas,

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  1. Klinkt goed Geni. Veel succes en plezier bij het etentje vandaag!


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