March 8, 2010

The Secret Life Of The Sewing Machine - Part 1 -

-part 1-

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  1. Thanks Geni.I've read & heard about the history of the sewing machine before but the animation showing the workings is great to be able to understand how it actually works.

  2. Hi Geni,

    Very informative video. Have to tell you though, I still get nervous every time I get near my sewing machine! (Will I get the bobbin would with straight thread? Will my metallic thread break a billion times? Will my needle break? Will I get it threaded quickly?) LOL

  3. I loved watching this! Fun and informative!

  4. This is really interesting Geni. I enjoyed watching how the mechanics were developed, very easy to follow.

  5. for Healing Woman and others interested:

    About using metallic thread I found a nice video and tips (no affiliate of the firm) at:
    Thread Therapy Chapter 1 - Metallic Thread


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