March 3, 2010

Passage - part 1 -

"Passage" is word #2 for the 2010 3Creative Studios quilt challenge.

It reminds me of a Journal Quilt I made in 2009.
I wanted to make a JQ about the feelings during menopause. Perhaps you recognize this sort of transition your body is going through and then especially by the negative experiences of waking up in the middle of the night and not being able to fall a sleep again, depression, feeling tired, amnesia, hot flashes, etcetera.

Looking at the word transition I realized that it refers to a closure and a new beginning. I made a leave in two colours, to make the change and possible choise visible. The choice between the answers to these questions: Am I loosing the feeling of being vibrant and do I begin to see myself as old and behave accordingly? Or do I start a new phase in my life and am I not clinging to much at the "me" from before the change?

The JQ has been made during the first month of 2009, with a technique I learned the year before:

Transition (8.5 x 11 inch)
From Journal Quilts - theme "Emotions"

The leave was part of the Lesson One exercises of the course "Machine Embellished Surfaces". This on-line course at the Quilt University was given by Susan Brittingham and started on October 11, 2008. Perhaps I use some of this JQ for the #2 challenge, perhaps not.

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  1. Hello Geni,
    I'm following your link from 3CS quilt challenge. What a great piece this is! And something similar would be perfect for this second challenge. I'm thinking of 'doors' for my next piece. Nice meeting you!

  2. I like this journal quilt and also your reflections on the theme. Incidentally I definitely did not find the transition to be one of becoming old,in fact, the reverse was true. I found a new freedom and definitely do not act my age!


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