February 27, 2010

Puzzle - part 4 -

The inspiration for the quilt came from the daily Sudoku puzzles I like to solve. To make the design more exciting I shifted the blocks of the original Sudoku puzzle a little:

The beads I intended to use, did not combine with the yarn as well as I thought so I replaced them with others.
It was the first time that I used fabrics like velvet and lace and tried beads for embellishing a quilt:

Finally this is the quilt I made for the first 2010 challenge quilt of  3Creative Studios. It is machine patched and quilted, measures 21.5"x 21.5"(55x55cm) and the name is "Sudoku Blues":

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  • I design my quilts in EQ


  1. Your Sudoku quilt is great. Every inch of the quilt has something interesting to look at. I particularly like your bobbin work and the way you used the yard with the little snowflakes. Great fabric choices.
    My husband is also a Sudoku fan.Our children gave him a "Sudoku for Blackbelts," book one Christmas and he downloads extra puzzles from the internet. Your quilt looks as challenging as the puzzles.

  2. Absolutely beautiful! Choice colors and textures... seriously playfully wonderfully enchantingly lovely :-)

  3. Wow Geni! Just beautiful! Isn't it amazing how one simple word can have so many interpretations!


  4. It is gorgeous Geni. Well worth waiting to see it finished.


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