December 13, 2009

recycle your giftwrapping!

Furoshiki gift wrapping from RecycleNow on Vimeo.
How to wrap your presents in Furoshiki (cloth) to avoid using wrapping paper. Unlike wrapping paper (which usually can't be recycled) Furoshiki can be used again and again.


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  1. I've gone much further .... over 8yrs worth of fabric gift bag making.

    AND this year is our 2nd year to recycle the gift tags.

  2. Hi Sandy,
    Thanks for your comment and the great tutorial at
    Fabric Gift Bags Tutorial

  3. That was really cool. Everything tied up neat as a pin! Thanks for sharing the video. Karen

  4. Great idea! Thanks for the suggestion. I just posted today about making wrapping paper with paper bags. ;)

  5. Thanks for showing us such a useful video.

    Wrapping paper can be indeed recyled and re-used as I do it myself. :)

    Have the rest of a very happy Creative Every Day Month. :)


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