November 14, 2009

A tree for Laurel's Christmas Cats

For the first time I am participating this year in the Holiday Traditions Quilt Contest of the Quilting Bloggers Directory. It is a nice way to join a worldwide community sharing ideas of Christmas projects. I do not think that I win anything, but it is nice to share my experience with one of the first quilts I made using "applique". My entry for this contest is a quilt I made in 2005.

Being a fan of Laurel Burch's fabrics and books, I decided not to "just" cut into her beautiful Christmas fabrics:

Not yet learned the "raw edge applique" technique, I just began cutting out the figures, attaching them with some washable school glue to the background.
As soon as the glue was dry I used a straight stitch of my sewing machine to make the attachment permanent. My free motion quilting skills were less than mentioning worth, so I used a "funny" stitch on the machine to quilt the three layers together.
The result was a quilt with a tree as a place for the cats and birds to enjoy Christmas in peace together.

If I would make the quilt again, I should use a more playfull, curvy designed tree.
And use something like Steam-A-Seam to fuse the figures to the background.
The learning curve of this quilt was great, though, because I did it my own way.

The quilt measures (b x h) 31 x 33 inch:

Sadly Laurel Burch has passed away on September 13, 2007.
Her bright spirit lives in the art and books she left for us behind to enjoy.
This video tells her story in a nutshell:

(to watch the video on YouTube click here)

I am the lucky owner of three of Laurel's books:

And if I am joining a quilt workshop or meeting you can recognize me carrying this bag:

So if you see a quilter walking with this bag, it might be me!
Thank you for visiting and have a nice weekend.

Summary of links:
Update November 16:
The bag I bought a couple of years ago; I have no skills (yet) as a bag maker.


  1. Yes she is missed. Did you make the bag? It's adorable.

  2. Hi Sandy, thank you for your comment.
    I am not so good in making bags; this one I bought a couple of years ago.

  3. I have a Laurel Burch bag too...however, I only just bought it a year ago....I, too, am not very talented on bags...but I ADORE her fabric! I did complete a commemorative quilt with her fabric the year she passed away, with the students in my class. We donated the quilt the same year... she will be dearly missed.

  4. Hello, thanks so much for sharing this video here, a real lesson!
    Have a wonderful day

  5. Lovely use of Laurel Burch fabric.

  6. Your tree is Fantastic! What a wonderfully whimsical quilt for the season.
    Do you make inchies? You could decorate a tree like that with inchies.
    I think you really captured the spirit of that L.B. Fabic.

  7. Hi Lilly, C'estAndrea, Maggi and quiltrat, thank you for your visit to my blog and the nice notes you left.

    Quitlrat, actually I was thinking of making inchies, but not for the tree! Perhaps I wil do so, thank you for the tip.

  8. What a delightful post. Loved it. And I also love Laural Birch' fabrics & products. Yes, she is missed.


  9. congratulaions for your amazing tree.hugs


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