November 18, 2009

Dip-A-Dee-Doodle 01

The Creative Every Day Challenge and the Art Every Day Month Challenge (November) are fun initiatives of Leah Piken Kolidas:

Since today I have joined the AEDC
I like to call my AED a Dip-A-Dee-Doodle, because by making one I loose the "being in a dip" feeling by doodling along.
This is the one I made for today:

Materials used are my hand, a noteblock and some sharpies.
Thank you for your visit to my Creative Every Day 1 posting!

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  1. What a great name for your process! Hands can be so fascinating and I love the colors your chose and all the different shapes of doodling.

  2. very cool! glad you have joined the fun!

  3. I have been featuring hands lately in my art. It is funny how we all seem to meld together in our creativity. Love it!!

  4. teehee! i love the dip-a-dee-doodle name! And a great drawing too!

  5. I love your hand, such great patterning!


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