August 28, 2009

Festival of Quilts 2009, Birmingham (UK)

During the Festival, which took place from August 20-23, one of my quilts was also exhibited. Although I couldn't go myself, I decided to join with my quilt 'Flora's Feathers' because I was anxious to know how it would be judged at the largest quilt show of Europe.

Yesterday already, I received my quilt back with comments from 3 judges:

On all the 6 points of Design and on 3 points of Construction (the point piecing was not relevant because the quilt is a whole-cloth) I had "Good" and "Excellent"! I am so happy with the comments, because it gives me more confidence and a boost to go further on the road I have choosen.

This is a detail of the quilt:

Flora's Feathers

The quilt was treated with paint-sticks and Lumiere paint after the quilting was done. For a summary of the other techniques used and more photos you can go to my site Project -Q-
You can find more background information on the quilt at earlier blogs:
If you are in doubt of sending your quilt to a exhibition, please choose to send it in. Whatever the result might be: rejection (I had already one once) or acception, it enriches your creativity and workmanship.
David Walker has an article about rejection at his website Art Quilts.
More pictures of this wonderful quilt festival are at:
Enjoy watching!

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  1. I for one am glad that you did send your quilt. I am glad also that you have been encouraged by the judges' comments.


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