April 18, 2009

Flora's Feathers

Thanks to Patti (PattiSure) I also joined the Bloggers Quilt Festival with my favourite quilt. This quilt is my last one and was finished just before Easter. The name of the quilt is "Flora's Feathers".

I made it for my mother Flora, in loving memory.
She passed away 9 years ago.
After the Indonesian National Revolution, which followed the Second World War (1945-1965), she was one of the around 300.000 people, pre-dominantly Indos (Eurasians), who left Indonesia to go to the Netherlands. She never had heard of quilting and patchwork, but thanks to her dedicated love and enthousiasm I learned knitting, crochet, embroidery and making clothes. She passed her creativity over to me and I thank her for that great gift.

Flora's Feathers is 40 x 40 inch (1 x 1 meter).
I used a hand-dyed batik panel called "Solo" from Indonesia.
The quilt patterns are from Karen McTavish book: "The Secrets Of Elemental Quilting.
I more or less changed their size to fit the panel.
The used techniques are: raw-edge applique, bobbin work and corded and padded trapunto.
It is all done by machine with my Janome 1600P.
A few month ago I asked for help, because I wasnot sure about the quilting.
(see blog "Everything we see ...)
I decided there was no more quilting to do and that it was time to put on a piping and the binding:

From Quilts

And a detail:

From Quilts

At Easter the quilt hang on the wall as we enjoyed our breakfast. It was truly a bright beginning of a sunny day! If you also like to join the Bloggers Quilt Festival or just enjoy a great, on-line, quilt show, you can check it out and browse through all the great quilts and their stories at Amy, the Park City Girl

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