October 14, 2011

tip: free lesson - Episode 1: Make a Patchwork Bag

From Colouricious, the Talking Threads Christmas Special:
"Highly acclaimed textile artist & tutor, Mary Gamester shares with you how to create a fabulous quite simple, patchwork bag, a wonderful idea for a homemade gift.
Make one for a friend this Christmas"

Colouricious started 10th October 2011 with putting online a weekly textile project for free.
There will be 8 Christmas Episodes. Please note that each episode of the Talking Threads Christmas Special is available for two weeks only.

You too can be notified whenever a new episode can be watched. Each weekly newsletter includes a link to an episode. Visit the Colourcious homepage and fill in the box at the bottom of the page to sign up for the newsletter.

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  1. There is a pattern for this bag in Omiyage bu Kumiko Sudo. I have made a couple of small ones and they are lovely to use as packaging for small gifts.


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