March 23, 2011

Wool & silk: Shibori dyed

Do you recognize this piece of silk?
I redyed the rather dull colored yellow piece of silk from here in a Shibori way!

The Shibori was inspired by Brenda Gael Smith's technique of the month Karamatsu using small hairbands instead of strong thread.

The silk is dyed in the microwave with acid dyes.
The microwave time is from a recipe by Melody Johnson.

I also Shibori dyed some yarns based on recipes and methods from Marjie McWilliams class Wool dyeing at Quilt University. To reduce the white that was created by the tying, I redyed the yarn in the microwave by immersion in a lighter color acid dye:

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  1. Gorgeous, the silk has been transformed.


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