March 3, 2011

Silk: dyed after folding

Amazing, isnot it?
The silks were dyed as homework for Lesson 3 of the course "Silk Dyeing" given by Marjie McWilliams at Quilt University. In "Dying experiment: silk" you can read more about this course.

These are the results after dyeing folded and pressed pieces of the same kind pongé silk with cold water fiber reactive Procion MX dyes (click the thumbnail for a bigger view):

The patterns created are less striking than I had hoped.
I suspect that I've dipped the pieces too long in the dye solutions. But it was really fun to do!
I used the leftover solutions to dye silk, cotton fabric and threads:

cotton (l) and silk (r)


It is interesting to see how the same dye is attached to different fibers like silk, cotton fabric and threads.

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