September 8, 2010

Freeform Screen Printing -1-

newspaper stencil
fabric paint on hand-dyed fabric

This and the following print are part of my homework for the first lesson of "Freeform Screen Printing".
The on-line course is given by Lyric Kinard at Quilt University.

As you can see the result is a clear and crisp print.
Once sticking at the back of the screen, you can use a newspaper stencil for at least three prints and as long as the newspaper has not become too wet from the paint.

freezer paper stencil
fabric paint on hand-dyed fabric

With a stencil made from freezer paper you can make more prints, because freezer paper is sturdier than newspaper.

In this case both the newspaper and the freezer paper stencil become wet with paint being attached to the back of the screen. They only can be used during one printing session.

As soon as the stencils are removed from the back of the screen, they cannot be used again. For giving fabric a special and unique design in a one session screen printing job, these stencils are a good option.

The examples in the pictures are focused on the technique. Next time I love to show you how screen printing can add more texture to fabric by printing repeating designs.

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  1. Great results Geni. You are obviously enjoying Lyric's class.


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