September 15, 2010

Four seasons from a train window

Being one of a group of four, I am proud to present this quilt, consisting of four panels made by the members of the group. It has been on display (no. 234 for the catalog owners) during the annual general exhibition of the Dutch Quiltersguild from September 10-15, 2010 in Deventer.

The quilt is inspired by the painting "From A Train Window" of the Dutch artist Rob Koenders and is constructed with his full consent.
From left to right the panels are:
Each member added something of herself by interpreting a season and by making a panel in her own choice of materials (click picture to enlarge):





I enjoyed making this group quilt, while stretching myself in working with other materials and techniques than I normally do.
Thank you for your visit!

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  1. Your "summer" and all of the other three seasons turned out wonderful and look great together. A lot of new things tried but results make up for the effort.

  2. Ontzettend mooie quilt, leuk hoe jullie het met elkaar uitgewerkt hebben. In Deventer heb ik er met m'n neus bovenop gezeten om alles goed te bekijken, zeer inspirerend.

  3. This is a wonderful piece. It is so clever how you have made four pieces work together so well as a whole.

  4. Genie...beautiful quilt!

  5. You can really feel the movement through the seasons, from the train.I love it!

  6. I love this! Great job to all the participants.

  7. Lovely piece Geni. It always amazes me how accurately the pieces of these group works fit together. Is there a secret trick?
    I found the Picasa album too. It was interesting to see the detailed photos of your section. Excellent photographs!


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