April 21, 2010

book review: Susan Stein's Fabric Art Workshop

The author Susan Stein started quilting in 1977. She is a former president and show chairman for Minnesota quilters and was named Minnesota Quilter of the Year in 2003.

Fabric Art Workshop: Exploring Techniques & Materials for Fabric Artists and Quilters, is a craftroom companion:

Each unique technique is presented with an inspirational, full-page brilliant photo of a fabric journal page. Next to this page you find a short description of the material to be explored and a list of materials and tools needed for the technique. On the next two pages step-by-step instructions illustrated with clear photos show the possible processing.

Binding and finishing methods for showing your results in a quilt are not extensively covered, because that is not the true goal of this book.

Already having books who do cover the subject of binding and finishing quilts, I don't mind. If you do mind, reading this free eBook with 12 methods for binding and finishing could be very useful.

Susan Stein's book takes you through a wide selection of mixed media materials to experiment and play with. The table of contents and the index pages here give a nice impression of the techniques and materials used.

Overall I highly recommend the book for 'home tutoring' and exploring the world of fiber artistry.
The book Fabric Art Workshop is amongst others online available at: Thank you for your visit!


  1. I bought this book at her shop when visiting Minn a couple of years ago. My group spent hours playing with all the different techniques. It was a blast. And I agree - not every book needs to regurgitate binding and quilting information.

    And her shop was really cool. It had nice, albeit small, selection of fabric, but it had a really great supply of embellishment and dyes and "stuff" to use on quilts.

  2. An interesting book, it looks like fun Thank you for the link.


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