March 24, 2010

A blank sheet moment

15 yards of scoured PFD (prepared for dyeing) caressed by Spring's first sunshine and some photo editor program playing:

In her book Dyes & Paints: A Hands-On Guide to Coloring Fabric:

Elin Noble recommends to scour all fabric, even fabric prepared specifically for dyeing, before use.

I used Elin's recipe for washing-machine scour with Synthrapol and soda ash. Today's wonderful Spring day did the rest and made the fabric smell like sunshine. Soon dyeing can take place, if the weather remains the same.

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  1. That seems like a strange concept to me to scour all fabric before use in dying. I'll have to check into the book you mentioned. I love your handy clothes dryer, good idea for smaller items, like pillow cases. Nothing like line dried anything.

  2. You are very good to do all that scouring. I never pre-wash PFD fabric and always have excellent results.


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