December 17, 2009

update on: Talking Threads Wider horizons

Quilting Arts made several dvd's from their TV series you can choose from:

Quilting Arts TV Series 100, Full Season, 4 DVD Set     Quilting Arts TV Series 200 (Episodes 1 - 13)

Quilting Arts TV Series 300 (Episodes 1 - 13)  Quilting Arts TV Series 400 (Episodes 1 - 13)

If you prefer having a workshop instantly, you can download several from Quilting Arts.

It is also possible to follow courses online at for instance the Quilt University.
Certainly there are more who give online or downloadable courses.
If you know one, please share the link by using the "Mr. Linky" widget below.
Quilt University and Quilting Arts are already filled in. Please use the name of the course for "Your name" and the link to the course for "Your URL".

Enjoy the shared links!

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  1. Online classes coming soon, but in the meantime here's a new DVD.

    Thanks for all the information you give us on this blog.


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