November 6, 2009

Talking Threads: Kim Thittichai's Hot Textiles

Did you ever wonder how to work with heat to change the structure of textile surfaces?
Then you might be very pleased with episode 4 of "Talking Threads" in which Kim Thittichai shows some of the most experimental techniques and materials in textile design.
Kim is the author of the books:

Hot Textiles:
Inspiration and Techniques
with Heat Tools

Experimental Textiles:
A Journey Through Design,
Interpretation and Inspiration
The Hot Textiles book is amongst others online available at following links in the USA,the UK,Germanyand the Netherlands.

The Experimental Textiles book is also online available in the USA,the UK,Germany and the Netherlands

The books and lots of other goodies are also available at Kim's home of Hot Textiles.

Regretfully the direct link to this episode went offline, but you can watch a demo and a taster where Kim shares with us a fast decorating idea using Hot Spots:

Have a nice day!

More links with info:


  1. Another great programme. By the way, have you tried typing in 'textiles' in the search box for the online programme? It brings up a series called Inspirations which includes interviews with several textile artists including Jan Beaney, Jan Littlejohn and Julia Caprara - all very interesting.

  2. Maggi, thank you very much for this great tip!

  3. I really appreciate your book guide. I plan to come back to your blog repeatedly to hone in on some of these wonderful suggestions.


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