August 4, 2009

Small things, big surprises!

Today I had some nice surprises!
The mailbox had an envelope from Ann Fahl with a small book and a nifty notion:

From Tools

Although I made several quilts, I'm still having some problems with making a perfect bias binding. In the 28 page booklet you find lots of photographs and instructions on how to finish the edges of your quilts. The nifty notion looks small but is a big help.
This measuring tool helps you to apply the binding without guessing at where "the" corner dot should be. For a quick measurement it is also handy to have near your sewing machine, as you can check small measurements, such as seam allowances.
The both-side printed aluminium gauge handles 14 measurements ranging from 1/8" to 2".
The day I ordered the booklet including the tool (July, 31) the exchange rate was 1 EUR = 1,36946 USD so I received mine for the friendly price of €8,58 EUR (s/h included).
You can find more info at Ann Fahl's website.

The next surprise in the mailbox today was the new "Patchwork Professional" (03/2009), a German magazine:

My German isn’t perfect but just looking at the beautiful pictures and workshops loaded with photographs is a real pleasure. The content promises yummy reading and much learning:

And if the mailbox had not enough surprises, there was more!
A friend returning from a trip to Bali gave away some batik during our little (4 persons) monthly quilting bee:

It has certainly potential for being part of a contemporary quilt, don’t you think?
Thank you for reading.
I hope you have a nice day too and otherwise I wish you will have it tomorrow!

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