March 3, 2009

The colour of your heart

During the last week of february a particular text from a Dutch song kept my mind busy.Literally translated it says:
Don't think white, don't think black.
Don't think black and white
But in the colour of your heart

The text is from a song from 1984 called "Black-White" and Frank Boeijen was the Dutch singer/song-writer. Because I was'nt sure if the term "black and white thinking" is common in English, I looked it up on the Internet and found this at The Sideroad:

"Always" and "never," polar opposite words, tend to characterize the vocabulary of black and white thinkers. Black and white thinking means seeing the world only in terms of extremes. If things aren't "perfect," then they must be "horrible."
If your child isn't "brilliant" then he must be "stupid."
If you're not "fascinating" then you must be "boring." Yikes! What a tough way to live! In real-life, situations are almost always shades of gray, not black or white. Falling victim to black and white thinking tends to exacerbate depression, marital conflict, anxiety, and a host of other everyday problems.Give yourself and the ones you love a break and discover the beauty of shades of gray.

I like discovering "the beauty of the shades of gray"!
The song goes one step further by asking to think in the color of your heart.
The words kept me thinking and wondering ......
To release myself I made this Journal quilt:

Thank you for reading and Happy Quilting!


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