January 28, 2009

Red Delicious 3: Two Pomegranites & One Apple

Finally the block with the two pomegranites and the apple is finished.
I experimented with some fancy stitching on the QE440 sewing machine to make the hanging triangles and tassels:

To give more dimension I added some old crochet. I am content with the result of these little try-outs. It is a nice way to learn more of the possibilities of the sewing machine I won with this quilt. Though it is a pity I still have some problems with the BSR.

These blocks of the month (BOM) are designed by Esther Aliu.
Red Delicious is for free and you can find it on Esther Aliu's weblog.
Each month on the 15th Esther will publish one of her eleven 2009 Mystery blocks.

Thank you for taking the time to read.
Happy quilting! Smile

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